Bossa Super Nova

April, 2010
LTMCD 2554

[1] Une Francaise sur Mars
Jean-Christophe Clair
Isabelle Antena: lead & backing vocals, synth Roland SH90, TR808 programming
Jean-Christophe Clair: Hammond
Penelope Antena: vocals
Agathe Powaga: japanese parlando
Marco De Meersman: drums, timbales
Denis Moulin: bass, guitar

[2] For No Reason
Jean-Christophe Clair/ Isabelle Powaga
Isabelle Antena: lead & backing vocals, synth Roland SH90, TR808 programming
Marco De Meersman: drums, percussions
Denis Moulin: bass, guitars, orchestra arrangement

[3] Happy In My Garden
Jean-Christophe Clair/ Isabelle Powaga
Isabelle Antena: lead & backing vocals, TR808 programming
Marco De Meersman: drums, percs, cymbals
Denis Moulin: bass, guitar, acustic bass solo, Minimoog
Our friends: happy noises in the garden (Shana intro)
The Cicaddas and Crickets: Percussions
The Mosquito: Let's change the subject

[4] Le Grenier d Isabelle
Jean-Christophe Clair
Isabelle Antena: lead & backing vocals, 808 programming
Jean-Christophe Clair: Hammond
Penelope Antena: vocals
Marco De Meersman: drums, timbales
Denis Moulin: bass, guitars, Minimoog noises, jews harp

[5] Straight To the Point
Isabelle Powaga
Isabelle Antena: lead & backing vocals, synth noises
Penelope Antena: vocals
Marco De Meersman: drums
Denis Moulin: bass, guitar, Hammond, SH-09, strings arrangement, tambourine, tapes
Susan Feruglio, Loo Paye, Delphine <Happy Food> Humblet, Lilly Lilly: Pops, wizz & vocals

[6] Leave Las Vegas
Penelope Fasy/ Isabelle Powaga
Isabelle Antena: lead & backing vocals, 808 programming, bass synth
Penelope Antena: lead & backing vocals
Marco De Meersman: derbouka, percussions
Denis Moulin: guitars, synth

[7] Amour Cosmique
Jean-Christophe Clair
Isabelle Antena: vocals, synth Roland SH90, TR808 programming
Jean-Christophe Clair: keyboard (chords)
Penelope Antena: lead vocals, vocals
Marco De Meersman: drums, percs
Denis Moulin: bass, guitars, orchestra arrangement

[8] A Night of Infinity
Isabelle Powaga/ Danilo Venturi
Isabelle Antena: vocals, synth noises, 808 programming
Penelope Antena: lead vocals, vocals
Marco De Meersman: filtered percussions
Denis Moulin: bass, guitar, Minimoog, orchestra arrangement

[9] Under Your Closed Eyelids
Isabelle Powaga
Isabelle Antena: lead & backing vocals, piano
Marco De Meersman: drums
Denis Moulin: bass, guitar, synths, orchestra arrangement

[10] Hollywood Is Dead
Jean-Christophe Clair
Isabelle Antena: vocals, SH90 synths, TR808 programming
Penelope Antena: vocals
Marco De Meersman: drums
Paul Curtiz: guitars
Denis Moulin: bass, synths, strings arrangement
Jean-Christophe Clair, Susan Feruglio, Loo Paye, Delphine <Happy Food> Humblet, Lilly Lilly, Manuto Destanque, Juanita, Grande: vocals

[11] Cine-Club
Jean-Christophe Clair
Isabelle Antena: lead & backing vocals, 808 and CR78 programming
Jean-Christophe Clair: Hammond, whistle
Marco De Meersman: drums
Denis Moulin: bass, guitars, strings and flute arrangement, tambourine

[12] Little Boxes
Malvina Reynolds
Isabelle Antena: lead & 2nd vocals, SH90 synth
Marco De Meersman: drums
Francois Verue: double basse
Denis Moulin: guitar

Versions Spéciales - Camino del Sol

Permanent Vacation records

[1] CAMINO DEL SOL - Todd Terje Remix
[2] JOPPO + ENO - Pink Alert Re-Rub
[3] ACHILLES - Phreek Plus One Typhoon Mix
[4] CAMINO DEL SOL - Joakim Remix
[5] THE BOY - Steve Yanko x Antena
[6] ON THE BOAT - Disco Devil's Rubber Room Mix
[7] SEASIDE WEEKEND - Escort Remix
[8] ACHILLES - Enne Mix
[9] BYE BYE PAPAYE - Lexx Mix
[10] FRANTZ - Nouvelle Vague Mix
[11] ON THE BOAT - Chromatics Main Mix

Camino Real - Buscemi


[1] Gadget Girls
[2] Obrigado! (Feat. Isabelle Antena)
[3] Viaje Feliz
[4] Praia Boogie
[5] Voodoo Voyage
[6] The World Around (Feat. Michael Franti)
[7] A Te O Fin (Feat. Carla Alexander)
[8] Midnight Sessions
[9] Seaside (Feat. Isabelle Antena)
[10] Camino Real
[11] Ghost Track (Feat. Ted Milton)

French Riviera

Sept 06 (GAGJ-0018 )

[1] The French Riviera (Isabelle Antena/ Reiji Okii)
Produced & Arranged by Reiji Okii and Yukihiro Fukutomi; Vocals - Isabelle Antena

[2] Just for you and Me (Isabelle Antena/ Yukihiro Fukutomi)
Produced & Arranged by Yukihiro Fukutomi; Vocals - Isabelle Antena

[3] Sunshine Express (Vince Benedetti)
Produced by Tetsuo Sunaga; Arranged by Yuri Dazai; Vocals - Isabelle Antena

[4] Brazilian Dorian Dream (Manfred Fest)
Produced & Arranged by Kyoto Jazz Massive (Shunya Okino/ Yoshihiro Okino); Vocals - Isabelle Antena

[5] All for The Music (Isabelle Antena/ Hajime Yoshizawa)
Produced & Arranged by Hajime Yoshizawa; Vocals - Isabelle Antena

[6] Histoire à Paris (Isabelle Antena/ Toshiyuki Yasuda)
Prodeced & Arranged by Toshiyuki Yasuda; Vocals - Isabelle Antena

[7] Fly Away (Isabelle Antena/ Kazuma Fujimoto)
Produced & Arranged by Kazuma Fujimoto; Vocals - Isabelle Antena

[8] Like There's No Tomorrow (Isabelle Antena/ Yukihiro Fukutomi)
Produced & Arranged by Yukihiro Fukutomi; Vocals - Isabelle Antena

[9] Dans le jardin d'Eden (Isabelle Antena/ Yukihiro Fukutomi)
Produced & Arranged by Yukihiro Fukutomi; Vocals - Isabelle Antena

[10] Under The Moonlight (Isabelle Antena/ Ryota Nozaki)
Produced by JazzTronik; Arranged by Ryota Nozaki; Vocals - Isabelle Antena

Album Produced by Yukihiro Fukutomi

[I suppose it was intended Isabelle and Japanese musician collaboration? But Japanese didn't have enough balls to do their own thing let Isabelle float over it. ]


May 06 (LTMCD 2456)

[1] Le Spinner [2] Toujours du Soleil [3] Caribbean Island [4] Rendez-vous Manque [5] Blind Date [6] Horse with No Name [7] Issy est d'ailleurs [8] Love is to Blame [9] Groovy Grooving Groove [10] Le Ping le Pong [11] Starlit Skies [12] Les Rois des Voleurs [13] 7 Colors [14] Liquid Sky

Produced by Dr. Drak. Recorded and mixed in the South of France (Nature Studios) by Denis Moulin and Dr. Drak except [1] produced by Fritz Soundermann, recorded and mixed by Denis Moulin in Bruxelles (Jet Studios) [2] & [14] produced by Shape, [9] & [10] produced by The Cool Groove Sessions [14] partly recorded by Isabelle Powaga in Goa (Liquid Sky Studio)

Isabelle Antena - lead vocals, backing vocals, programming, keyboards; Axailes Solar - leads vocals, backing vocals; Penelope Fasy - lead vocals, backing vocals; Dr. Drak- programming, keyboards, moog, vocorder; Denis Moulin - programming, bass, guitars, keyboards, piano, congas, talkbox; Marco De Meersman - drums and percussions [tacks 1, 2, 12]; Agathe Powaga - Backing vocals [tracks 2, 8, 13]; Fritz Soundermann - guitar and keyboards [track 1]; Hans Helewaut - sax [tracks 3, 4]; Martin Hayles - keyboards [tracks 2, 4, 11]; Geetha Navale - veena [track 3]; Elliott Powaga - backing vocals [tracks 2, 8]; Jovis - didgeridoo [track 13]; Nestor Lamore - keyboards [tracks 9, 10]; Dan Karsenty - drum loops [track 9]; Marito Correa - vocal sample and guitar [track 10]; Francois Verrue - bass [track1]; Bert Gielen - mini moog [track1]; Jet Coole - trumpet [track 1]

Victor JPN

Easy Does It

Oct 04
(Victor Entertainment Japan/ VICP-62869)
LMT double album issue (ltmcd 2420)

[1] Nothing To Lose
"This song (from the movie Party) was originally sung by the French actress Claudine Longet. Henri Mancini has been always been one of my favorite songwriters among lots of others who wrote for cinema like Ennio Morricone and Leonard Bernstein." [NB She might possibly meant Elmer Bernstein instead of Leo.]
[2] Moonlight Dancer
"A lovely classical bossa written by my husband Denis Moulin. The music inspired me to write almost obsolete lyrics about a dance floor from the 1950's, very different from today, when couple still danced together."
[3] A Rainbow (Can't Forever Be)
"Just a little song of mine. I'm too shy to speak about song I write on my own."
[4] O Sapo
"Typical Brazilian beat from Donato. I tried to pitch my version somewhere between Joao Gilberto and Sergio Mendes."
[5] So Tinha De Se Com Voce
"I had to cover a Antonio Carlos Jobim song on a bossa-only album. The first think I ever recorded professionally was a cover of The Girl From Ipanema (renamed The Boy From Ipanema), and the most famous interpreter of this song is Elis Regina, definitely in my top ten female singers."
[6] Omerta Bossa
"This song was written in collaboration with my dear friend Hans Helewaut and arranged in a Gil Evans style by Denis. I must admit to being quite proud of the result!"
[7] Stars
"You can find a very different version of this song on my album Take Me To Paradise but this is how the song was originally written - as a bossa."
[8] Your One And Only
"This starts with a sample from Musique de 4 á 6 from my 1987 album Hoping For Love. I always loved that little bit but thought it was unfinished. So this is how it should have been 20 years ago."
[9] Easy Does It
"I know it's the title of the album but that doesn't mean it's the main track or anything special. It's just my nature - I avoid conflict and I'm not ashamed to make and listen to easy listening music. A little bit of hippy I suppose."
[10] Aguas Calmas
"Although it sounds like a Brazilian standard this song was written by my friend Marito who previously wrote Deux Enfants for me. He's almost unknown. Marito recorded this once on his own album but unfortunately not many people hard it. Let's hope this version gets better chance."
[11] Fresh
[12] Obrigado
"Same as A Rainbow!"
[13] La Pecheresse A La Ligne
"This is a sweet little tune, a bit like Michael Legrand but written by Denis with words by a Belgian girl who sent me some lyrics which I thought were really fresh."
[14] Sweet Kiss
"Again, same as A Rainbow. It's always easier to let other people talk about your work. I just love to do it and it's for others to judge (although in fact I don't listen to the critics very much anyway). I make music because I want to, not really to please anybody else."

Issy Does It

[1] Nothing To Lose (Thievery Corporation Remix) [2] Omerta Bossa (Nicola Conte Remix) [3] La Pecheresse A La Ligne (Buscemi Remix) [4] Easy Does It (La Malice Remix) [5] Fresh (Yukihiro Fukutomi Remix) [6] Stars (Dr Drak Remix) [7] Your One And Only (Musiq For Pleasure Remix) [8] Spirituosi - Este Samba (Shape)

Isabelle Antena - vocals, backing vocals, clarinet, keyboards; Denis Moulin - guitars, bass, strings, piano, keyboards, percussions; Marco De Meersman & Daniel Cordova - drums and percussions; Hans Hekewaut - saxophones; Peter Green - trumpet, flugelhorn, Marc Moulin - piano; Sherwin Pierre - tenor pan; Cesar Nascimiento & Pierre Coulon; Aldair Costa - double bass; Chris Christensen - bassoon; Mathieu Charray - oboe

[LTM issue got the extra remix CD titled Issy Does It.]

LMT Easy Does It


 LMT Issy Does It

"Some of the intersting things you'll see on a long-distance flight"
crépescule dialogue north-south tour february 1982

csstt: 1982 (Crepuscule TWI 081)
LP: JP 1983 (Crepuscule Au Japon/Shinseido Sirius TWI 082/SC-18)
LP: BE 1983 (Crepuscule TWI 082)
CD: May 1991 (Crepuscule TWI 082-2 -- Limited Edition of 500)
2006 Reissue: (LTMCD 2467)

[1] Wally Van Middendorp - raving lunatic #1 [2~4] Richard Jobson - Etiquette, Pavillion Pole, India Song [3~7] Durutti Column - Danny, Madness, For Belgian Friends [8] Wally Van Middendorp - raving lunatic #2 [9~12] Paul Haig - Chance, Glory, Stories, Justice [13 & 14] Antena - The Boy From Ipanema, Silly Things [15] Wally Van Middendorp - raving lunatic #3 [16~20] The Names - Close To You, In Other Rooms, A Few Hundreds, Anything (With Passion), Spectators of Life [21] Wally Van Middendorp - raving lunatic #4

- Report on the Dialogue North-South tour, through The Benelux and France, February 1982. 'Inbetween' music taken from the Serge Gainsbourg soundtrack to Francois Leterrier's Goodbye Emanuelle (a.k.a. Emanuelle 3) (1977). TWI 081 was supposed to be the first in a series of live cassettes, called 'The Golden Years' (a Bowie reference?), also including the unreleased TWI 115, a Malaria concert (unreleased) and very likely the Tuxedomoon opening performance on the Dialogue North-South tour at the Beursschouwburg in Brussels, February 3 1982.

VARIOUS ARTISTS/ Umbrellas In The Sun

Jul 82
[VHS]: BE 1982 (Crepuscule TWI 099)
[BETA]: BE 1982 (Crepuscule TWI 099)
[VHS]: BE 1982 (Les Images Du Crepuscule MAG 1)
[BETA]: BE 1982 (Les Images Du Crepuscule MAG 1)
2006 DVD: (LTMDVD 2400)

[1] Inbetween [2] TUXEDOMOON/ Time To Lose [3] Inbetween [4] MARINE/ A Proposito Dei Napoli [5] Inbetween [6] AZTEC CAMERA/ Souvenir (Live In Brussels 29.10.81) [6] Inbetween [7] MARC DEPREZ/ Ballade A Tervueren [8] Inbetween [9] MALARIA!/ White Sky, White Sea [10] Inbetween [11] SOFT VERDICT/ For Amusement Only (Advert) [12] Inbetween [13] ANTENA/ The Boy From Ipanema [14] Inbetween [15] PAUL HAIG/ Running Away [16] Inbetween [17] RICHARD JOBSON & VIRGINIA ASTLEY/ India Song [18] A. ZULAWSKI/ Where Is The Public? [19] TUXEDOMOON/ The Stranger [20] Inbetween

2006 DVD
[1] Antena/ The Boy From Ipanema [2] A Certain Ratio/ Back to the Start [3] Josef K Sorry for Laughing [4] Cabaret Voltaire/ Sluggin Fer Jesus [5] Marine/ A Propositio dei Napoli [6] Section 25/ New Horizon [7] The Names/ Nightshift [8] Durutti Column/ Marie-Louise Gardens [9] New Order/ Everything's Gone Green (live) [10] Crispy Ambulance/ The Presence [11] Minny Pops/ Dolphins Spurt [12] Malaria!/ White Sky/White Sea (live) [13] Berntholer/ My Suitor [14] Tuxedomoon/ Litebulb Overkill/Jinx (live) [15] Thick [16] Pigeon/ Wheels Over Indian Trails [17] Paul Haig/ Heaven Sent (live) [18] Kalima/ Trickery [19] Stockholm Monsters/ Partyline (live) [20] Swamp Children/ You've Got Me [21] Beat (live) [22] Kalima/ The Smiling Hour [23] Quando Quango/ Go Exciting (live) [24] Marine/ Une Soiree Avec... (28 minute film)

[Is this originally issued along with Crépescule zine in 82? New 2006 DVD adds various footage.]

POWAGA SISTERS J'amie regarder les filles

June 2003 (Pretty Inside/Play It Again Sam PI 2005-2)

[1] J'aime Regarder Les Filles (Radio Edit) [2] J'aime Regarder Les Filles (The Pleasuredome 80's Mix By Dr Drak) [3] Prelude A La Sieste (Album Version) [6] J'aime Regarder Les Filles (Long Version)

[1], [2], [4] written & composed by Patrick Coulin, [3] composed by Isabelle Powaga, Caroline Carlier, Béatrice Pues & Denis Moulin
recorded & mixed at Nature Studio by La Malice


Apr 02
CD: BE 2002 (Crepuscule TWI 1113), 2XCD: BE 2002 (Crepuscule TWI 1113) *

-disc 1-
[1] Quiet Dawn [2] Mourir Pour Des Idees [3] Beautiful Lie [4] Sauvage [5] Trust In Me [6] Charade [7] La Sicilienne [8] Casanova - Fellini [9] Theoreme [10] Oublie Moi - Show Me [11] Too Good To Be True [12] Star Trek [13] Deep Down

-disc 2- *
[1] Quiet Dawn (From Mr. Wilson) [2] Too Good To Be True (From Mr. Wilson) [3] La Sicilienne (Deeply Remixed By La Malice) [4] Sauvage (Very Wild Remix From Mr. Wilson) [5] Beautiful Lie (Dr. Drake Remix Dancehall)

Isabelle Antena - vocals and computer programming; Marco De Meersman - drums, percussion and vocals; Has Helewaut - wurlitzer piano, synthesizer, tenor sax, soprano sax, mandolin and some shouting; Denis Moulin - bass and piano; Fritz Sundermann - electric jazz, acoustic guitar, vocals; Marc Moulin - piano in [1]; Freddy Sunder - guitar in [1] & [12]; Luc Van Lieshout - trumpet in [4] & [12]; Lais - vocal in [6]; Jorunn Bauweraerts - backing vocals in [12]

- 'Minimal jazz' project of Isabelle Antena, Denis Moulin, Marco de Meersman, Fritz Sundermann and Hans Helewaut. Re-issued November 2002 including free bonus CD.

L'Alphabet Du Plaisir (Best Of1981-2001)

Dec 01
CD: BE 2001 (Crepuscule TWI 1112)

[1] Seaside Week End [2] Le Poisson Des Mers Du Sud [3] Je Respire [4] Antena [5] Serpent A Plumes [6] Nous Dormirons Ensemble [7] Sur Ton Ile [8] Instant De Trac [9] E Preciso Perdoar [10] Deux Enfants [11] Vingt Ans Vers L'An 2000 [12] Mediterranean Song [13] Sous Tes Paupieres Closes [14] Le Temos Qui Court [15] Eternity [16] The Boy From Ipanema [17] Lullaby Of Birdland (Live, Koseinenkin Hall, Tokyo 1991) * [18] Eclat De Nuit (Live, Koseinenkin Hall, Tokyo 1991) * [19] Corto Prend Le large (Live, Blue Note, Osaka 2001) *

* Previously unreleased.

Take Me To Paradise

Sep 01
CD: BE 2001 (Crepuscule TWI 1108), CD: JP 2001 (Crepuscule Au Japon/Victor JVC VICP-61262)

[1] I'll Be Good To You [2] Am I Wrong? [3] Don't Let Me Down [4] Analogical Contact [5] Six Days In London [6] Milky Way [7] Physicall [8] When Will The Day [9] Take Me For A Night In New York [10] Eternity [11] Stars [12] Take Me To Paradise [13] Open Your Mind

Isabelle Antena - vocals, backing vocals and additional strings and keyboards arrangements; Marco De Meersman - drums and percussions; Fritz Sundermann - guitars and backing voicas; Denis Moulin - bass, keyboards, programming, string arrangements and "make it work"; Martin Hayles - programming, string arrangements and backing vocals; Tee Green and Sharon Hayles : backing vocals; Manuel Destanque - backing vocals on [4], [5] & [7]; Jorunn Bauweraets - backing vocals on [4] and crazy ooh on [7]; Alain Debaisieux - sounds supplies
Produced by Martin Hayles & Denis Moulin

- Japanese edition, with different artowrk, issued January 2001.

De L'Amour Et Des Hommes Vol. 2

Sep 99
CD: BE 1999 (Crepuscule TWI 1010), CD: JP 1999 (Crepuscule Au Japon/Victor JVC VICP-60924)

[1] Le Temps Qui Court
"Originally the melody of this song is from Frédéric Chopin but Barry Manilow had no trouble turning that tune into 'Could it be magic'. Then came out the Donna Summer's version shortly followed by a french version from Alain Chamfort, re-introducing the original melody. Since then, nobody can count anymore the cover versions of this song. This is why my cover had to sound like real Antena!"
[2] Rien Qu'un Ciel
"In this easy listening song, originally written by 'Il était une fois' (famous french pop group of the 70's), the lead vocal was assumed by the drummer and Marco my dear friend, drumming with me for many years now, is the lead vocal on this 1999 version."
[3] Sous Quelle Etoile?
"I was a little girl when my mum used to sing to me one Michael Polnareff's song 'Ame câline' to make me go to sleep. But the radios at that time were more supporting 'Sous quelle étoile?' and I must admit I was also more attracted by the 'Absolutely fabulous' side of it."
[4] Amour - Amitie
"Pierre Vassiliu is probably more known for being a non-conventional and comic person in the music scene but in each of us a poet is sleeping and when he wrote 'Amour - amité' he was surely blessed by the gods."
[5] Rimbaud Chanterait
"I've always loved the poems of Arther Rimbaud and I can still remember every waord of 'Le Dormeur du val' that I learned at the primary school. This is song was obviously composed a few years before Patti Smith wrote 'Easter' revealing her interest in Arther's poetry. Michael delpech's song was telling us that Rimbaud would sing if he lived in the 70's. I bet you today he would rap!"
[6] Dis-Moi Pourquoi
"Michael Fugain has always been one of my favourite french artist. He's a very good songwriter and we had trouble finding a way to re-arrange one of his tunes because everything was sounding so perfect in the original version! So, we have chosen a song which wasn't a hit single. This is a beautiful love song, so I dedicate it too my D.D."
[7] Photos Souvenirs
"I thought about this William Sheller's song during s lazy weekend afternoon. It sounded like an old souvenir and after the weekend I totally forgot what I was thinking about, except that I had the idea to cover it."
[8] Banc 21 - Metro Republique
"Claud François died at the summit of his glory when he was one of the french disco masters. He would probably be into techno now, but at the time he recorded that track, he was more looking in the Motown sound direction. The reggae-ish arrangement came naturally when started to play. I think it's the lyrics that leaded us into that feeling."
[9] Ivanovitch
"In the 70's, Julien Clerc was more a provocative than the crooner he is now. He used to be half nacked in the french version of 'Hair' and some of his songs were disturbing. I didn't find anything like that in 'Ivanovitch'. Maybe it was provocative at that time because it was evocating the life in Russia. However, that waltz is full of harmony and that Ivanovitch fellow seems to me like a nice guy."
[10] Salut Les Amoureux
"I never had the opportunity to play or sing a country song. I jumped on the cover that Joe Dassin made of this A. Guthrie's song. The band and I had a great time."
[11] Faut Pas Rever
"Created by one of the disco kings, Patrick Juvet (remember 'I love America' / 'Où sont les femmes'), don't dream (faut pas rêver in french) is a trip in the very special world of his writer."
[12] Les Paradis Perdus
"Huge star in the 70's, Chritophie had his very own way to express the desabused, decadent movement of the 70's music. This track used to end in a much more apocalyptic way than in my version."

Marco De Meersman - drums & percussions; Fritz Sundermann - guitars; Denis Moulin- bass & additional guitars; Roger Wanted, La Kumba, Coco, Marco & Isabelle Antena - vocals; The Montpellier Magical Strings Orchastra - strings; keyboards and programmation by Denis & Isabelle Moulin; strings arrangements by Denis & Isabelle Moulin; Marco De Meersaman - bosphorus cymbals

Mediterranean Songs

Nov 97
CD: JP 1997 (Crepuscule Au Japon/Victor JVC VICP-60159)

[1] The One You're Waiting For [2] Mediterranean Songs [3] Sous Tes Paupieres Closes [4] Sleeping Prince [5] Too Young [6] I Forget You [7] Oliver's Hopscotch [8] Step By Step [9] The Best Is Yet To Come [10] Scenario [11] God Only Knows [12] Victory Is The Extra Grace [13] Celle Que Tu Attends [14] La Mediterranee Chante [15] Prince Dormant

Danny Cummings - latin percussions; Jair Da Costa - ethnic percussion; Ali Ben Said - derbuka; Idi n' Bouduu - udu; Trevor Murrell - hi hats & rim shots; D.D Tha Malice - bass; Denis Moulin - guitars; Miloud Minnes - double bass; Martin Hayles - keyboards; Isabelle Powaga - keyboards over dub; London Rotherhithe Orchestra - low strings conduscted by Martin Hayles; Brussel Session Orchestra - high strings conducted by Freddy Sunders; Sharon & Donna Elkington, Isabelle Powaga & Mr. Tee Green; Anita Cormichael - saxophone; Calvin Conrad - french horn; Angela Ger - harp; Rachel Hall - flute; Peter Gordeno - piano

A La Belle Etoile

Mar 96
CD BE 1995 (Harlem Moon HM 012-2), CD: JP 1996 (Crepuscule Au Japon/Victor JVC VICP-5709)

Harlem Moon
[1] A La Belle Etoile [2] La Raison Du Plus Cool [3] L'Elu De Mon Coeur [4] Frequence Jazz [5] Funky Jungle [6] Je Plaque Tout [7] Declassée [8] Les Paradis Perdus [9] Pluie D'Ange [10] Say Goodbye [11] Rudimentaire

Crepuscule Au Japon
[1] Vingt Ans Vers L'An Deux Mille [2] Serie Rose [3] Pluie D'Anges [4] Frequence Jazz [5] Funky Jungle [6] Je Plaque Tout [7] Declassee [8] Say Goodbye [9] A La Belle Etoile [10] La Raison Du Plus Cool [11] L'Elu De Mon Coeur [12] Say I Believe In It


Sep 95
CD: BE 1995 (Harlem Moon HM 011-2), CD: JP 1995 (Crepuscule Au Japon/Victor Entertainment Inc. VICP-5585)

[1] Sister's Land [2] Harlem Moon [3] The Thrills of Life [4] Bugaloo (l'inconnu vers l'infini) [5] Nothing Is Impossible [6] Is It Good To Speak The Truth? [7] Acid Jazz Party [8] Feel Good [9] Don't Trust Me [10] Suckers [11] No More Words

Isabelle Antena - keyboards, guitar, vocals and drum loops; Delphine The Dolphine - vocals; V.V. Skippy - bass; Caroline K - Keyboards, vocals & drum loops; Bea Kumba - Percussions
Arranged by the Powaga Sisters
Produced by Isabelle Powaga

Plus Acid Que Jazz, More Acid Than Jazz

Aug 94
CD: JP 1994 (Crepuscule Au Japon VICP-5406)

[1] Seaside Trip (original title: Seaside Weekend)
samples and bass - DD; keyboards and vocals - Isabelle
[2] Play It Again (original title: Play Back)
sample and vocals - Isabelle; keyboards and bass - DD; additional vocals - Bea Luna; congas - Bea Kumba
[3] Le Dernier Guerrier Romantique
sample and vocals - Isabelle; guitas and keyboards - DD; additional vocals - Delphone Powaga, Bea Luna
[4] Tous Mes Caprices
samples and keyboards - Isabelle and DD; vocals - Isabelle, Carok'n'roll, Bea Luna; bass, noise - DD
[5] Running Out Of Champagne (origianl title: Ten Minutes)
keyboards, bass, samples and vocals - Isabelle; mini moog solo - DD; mini moog noise - Gilles Martin; flugelhorn - Luc Van Lieshout
[6] Let's Trip (original title: L'inconnu Vers L'infini)
keyboards, bass, samples and vocals - Isabelle; bass and piano solo - DD; additional vocals 0 Penelope Powaga; mini moog noise - Gilles Martin
[7] Antenacidjazz (original title: Antena)
keyboards, samples and vocals - Isabelle; bass, drum programming - DD; congas, latin percussions - Bea Kumba; additional vocals - Delphine Powaga, Bea Luna, Carok'n'roll, DD, Lola; flugelhorn - Luc Van Lieshout
[8] Can You Dig It C.C.? (original title: Jouez Le Cinq)
keyboards, samples and vocals - Isabelle; guitars, keyboards - DD; fender - Christophe Vervoord; additional vocals - Delphine Powaga, Bea Luna, Carok'n'roll
[9] Laying On The Sofa
samples - DD; bass- Vivie Salone; keyboards - Christophe Vervoord; additional vocals - Delphine Powaga, Bea Luna, Carok'n'roll
[10] Insoumise
samples and keyboards - Isabelle; bass - DD; radio noise - Gilles Martin; additional vocals - Delphine Powaga, Bea Luna

Produced by Isabelle and DD the Malice
Mixed by Gilles Martin
Mastered by Daniel Leon
Cover by Hidemi Oku

- 1 new tracks and 9 newly recorded old songs.

POWAGA SISTERS Little Grey's Night

Jul 93
CD: BE 1993 (Harlem Moon HM 001-2), CD: JP 1994 (Crepuscule Au Japon/Victor JVC VICP-5269)

[1] Silly Cows [2] Save It [3] Wacky Wacky [4] One Time One Shot [5] Cocaine [6] Do The Wagadoo [7] Age Boo Baby [8] Le Maison Des Powages [9] Nothing But The Best [10] Physical

All intruments played and programmed by D.D. the Malice adn Aga Boo except: saxophone - Red Buttler; guitars on "Physical" by Fritz Sunderman and Jean-Marie Aerts; some drum loops by Marco Polo; some backing vocals by Achilles and Penelope
Produced by D.D. The Malice and Aga Boo Powaga

Carpe Diem

Nov 92
CD: JP 1992 (Crepuscule Au Japon/Victor JVC VICP-5211) *, CD: FR 1993 (Crepuscule/Delabel DE 091103), MD: JP 1992 (Crepuscule Au Japon/Victor JVC VI?P-?003) *

[1] Le Syndrome De Peter Pan [2] Instant De Trac [3] L'Amour Eternel [4] Sous Les Baobabs [5] Deux Enfants [6] Calife Blues [7] No Puedo Sin Ti [8] E Preciso Perdoar [9] Corto Prend Le Large [10] Inspire-Moi [11] L'Inconnu Vers L'Infini [12] Quand Les Amants... [13] Corto Tu Te Vas *

Fritz Sundermann - guitars, chorus on [5] & [10], arrangement on [2], [8] & [10]; Michael Blaes - pianos, organ, chorus on [5]; Marco De Meersman - drums, percussions, chrus on [5]; Bart De Nolf - contra bass, bass, chorus [5]; Gino Lattuca - trumpet, bugle solo; Dan Mac Roll - co-written lyrics on [1], [2], [6] & [12], chorus on [5] & [12]; Didier Odier - piano, chorus on [12]; Bela Luna - chorus on [1], [2], [3] & [7], lyrics on [7]; Marito Carrera - guitar, chorus on [8]; Manuel Destanque - chorus on [6]; Denis Moulin - samples of Sunday Morning; Achilles and Penelope - intervention on [5]

Jef Coolen - 1st trumpet; Eric Verhaeghe - 2nd trumpet; Francois Bastaens - trombone; Dany Dexter - alto sax, flute; Erwin Vann - tenor sax; Jean-Pierre Cantoul - 1st violin; Christian Gerstmans - 2nd violin; Eric Gerstmans - viola; Jean-Pol Zanutel - violoncello

Written, arranged and produced by Isabelle Antena

- Licensed through CREPUSCULE AU JAPON and DELABEL, France.

Austrian Press

Les Derniers Guerriers Romantiques

Apr 91
LP: BE 1991 (Crepuscule TWI 913), LP: SP 1991 (Crepuscule/Grabaciones Accidentales-Gasa 4GO 452-01), CD: BE 1991 (Crepuscule TWI 933-2), CD: JP 1991 (Crepuscule Au Japon/Victor JVC VICP-5040) *, CD: JP 2001 (Victor JVC VICP-61299) *

[1] Jungle Zone [2] L'Amour Sauvage [3] Sur Ton Ile [4] I Love You Mr. Hyde [5] Le Visiteur Du Savoir [6] S'en Aller [7] La Ballade Du Seigneur De La Guerre [8] Le Dernier Guerrier Romantique [9] Dans Un Million d'Annaes [10] Aquarius [11] Au Nom De L'Amitie *

Dirk Schoufs - bass; Fritz Sunderman - guitars, elec. bass on [8], chorus on [10]; Marco De Meersman - drums, percussions, chorus on [8] & [10]; Frank Heyman - keyboards on [2], [4] & [11]; Jet Coole - 1st trumpet; Raymond Van Gulluick - 2nd trumpet; Francois Bastaens - trombone; Erwin Van Slembroeck - tenor saxophone; Danny Dextor - alto saxophone; Freddy Sunder - horn arrangement; Isabelle Antena - voice, chorus, keyboard on [1], [6], [7], [8], & [9], bass on [9]; Bruno Domm - engineer
Produced by Isabelle Antena

- LP with inner bag.

[Wonderful album. Antena excalibur show case.]

JPN Press


Apr 90
CD: BE 1990 (Crepuscule TWI 884-2)

[1] Antena [2] Serpent A Plumes [3] Revolution Intemporelle [4] Les Existentialistes [5] La Valse Des Ames Perdues [6] Lady Jusqu'Au Bout [7] Le Sourire De Pablo [8] Jouez Le Cinq [9] Domine-Toi [10] La Legende Des Siecles

- Replaces TWI 882.


Feb 90
LP: BE 1990 (Crepuscule TWI 912), CAS: BE 1990 (Crepuscule TWI 912-4), CD: BE 1990 (Crepuscule TWI 912-2), CD: JP 1990 (Crepuscule Au Japon/Victor JVC VICP-23)

[1] Sans Condition [2] Fragile [3] Insoumise [4] Billie [5] La Vie Continue [6] La Femme Qui Je Suis [7] Shuffle Sans Issue [8] L'A Cappella Conjugue [9] Conjugaison (Le Plagiat) [10] F.R.A.G.I.L.E. (Le Grand Final)

Composé, arrangé et produit par Isabelle Antena (excepté [5] composé et arrangé par Sylvers/ Shockley/ Shelby); Véronique Fasy qui a écrit la plupart des texts; Marianne James pour les choeurs de [9]; Nicole Fiszwoman gui a joué toutes les guitares et la basse sur [5], [6], [10]; Philippine De Cock pour les claviers de [5]

[There is no Antena picture shown in the jacket but Antena herself sung in [1] and [3].]

Jouez Le Cinq

Oct 89
LP: BE 1989 (Crepuscule TWI 882), LP: SP 1989 (Crepuscule/Grabaciones Accidentales-Gasa 4GA 365-1) *, CAS: JP 1989 (Crepuscule Au Japon/Victor JVC VCL-10070), CD: BE 1989 (Crepuscule TWI 882-2), CD: JP 1989 (Crepuscule Au Japon/Victor JVC VDP-1496) *, CD: JP 2001 (Victor JVC VICP-61298) *

[1] Le Sourire De Pablo [2] Jouez Le Cinq [3] Revolution Intemporelle [4] Les Existentialistes [5] Mafia [6] Domine-Toi [7] La Valse Des Ames Perdues [8] Lady Jusqu'Au Bout [9] Dans Ton Univers [10] La Legende Des Siecles [11] La Sonrisa De Pablo *

Philippe Decock - piano, keyboards; Patrick Deltenre - lead guitar; Nicolas Fitszman - bass, rhythm guitar, keyboard program, rhythm program; Philppe Gutman - drums; Frank Michiles - percussions; Jean-Pierre Cantoul, Kuba Szczepanski, Gregoire Duynslaeger, Laurence Ronveaux - violins; Vincent Mardens - flute; Marianne James, Sophie Dumoutier, David Linx, Eric Chale, Patrick Alessi - chorus; Isabelle Antena - atari program
Produced by Isabelle Antena & Nicolas Fiszman

- Deleted on release of TWI 884.

[Sometime you will find yourself unknowingly humming "Le Sourire De Pablo".]


Jun 89
LP: BE 1989 (Crepuscule/Caroline CAR 2), CD: BE 1989 (Crepuscule/Caroline CAR 2)

[1] Camino Del Sol [2] Seaside Weekend [3] Be Pop [4] Easy Street [5] Laying On The Sofa [6] Le Poisson Des Mers Du Sud [7] Toutes Les Etoiles De Tunesie [8] From Day To Day [9] Romancia Del Amor [10] Une Journee Banale A New York City [11] Young Captive

- Compilation 1982-1988, for export to the UK.

De L'Amour Et Des Hommes

Dec 88
MLP: BE 1988 (Crepuscule TWI 874), CD: BE 1988 (Crepuscule TWI 874-2), CD: JP 1989 (Crepuscule Au Japon/Victor JVC VDP-15004)

[1] Penelope [2] Syracuse [3] Nous Dormirons Ensemble [4] Le Cinema [5] Ce Mortel Ennui

Produced by Nicolas Fizman

- All cover versions.

[This album is all about the track [3], Antena rendition of Lois Aragon/ Jean Ferrat.]

Tous Mes Caprices

May 88
LP: BE 1988 (Crepuscule TWI 842), LP: SP 1988 (Crepuscule/Grabaciones Accidentales-Gasa GA 213), LP: SP 1988 (Crepuscule/Grabaciones Accidentales-Gasa 4G 213), CAS: BE 1988 (Crepuscule TWI 842-4), CD: BE 1988 (Crepuscule TWICD 842)

[1] Caprices [2] Sept Heures Que J'Aime [3] Romancia Del Amor [4] Eclat De Nuit [5] Une Journee Banale A New York City [6] Je Respire [7] From Day To Day [8] Memories [9] Young Captive [10] Village Of The Sun [11] Time And Work

Isabelle Antena - vocals; Philippe de Kock - Keyboards; Trevor Morrell - drums; Camelle Hinds - bass; Frank Michiels - percussion; Patrick Deltenre, Nicholas Fizman - guitar; Pietro Lacirignola - sax; Sharon Ellington, Ilona Chale, Lloyd Johnson - backing vocals
Produced by Martin Hayles

- LP in fold-out sleeve (except 2nd Spanish edition).

On A Warm Summer Night

Feb 88
LP: JP 1988 (Crepuscule Au Japon/Victor JVC VIL-28117), CD: JP 1988 (Crepuscule Au Japon/Victor JVC VDP-1317) *, CD: JP 2001 (Victor JVC VICP-61297) *, CAS: JP 1988 (Crepuscule Au Japon/Victor JVC VCL-10043)

[1] Tous Mes Caprices [2] Memories [3] From Day To Day [4] Young Captive [5] Time To Work [6] Une Journee Banale A New York City [7] Eclat De Nuit [8] 7 AM [9] Romancia Del Amor [10] Village Of The Sun [11] La Tete Contre Les Meurs *

- An 'early mixes' version of TWI 842, with La Tete Contre Les Murs replacing Je Respire.

Hoping For Love

Apr 87
LP: BE 1987 (Crepuscule TWI 759), LP: JP 1987 (Crepuscule Au Japon/Victor JVC VIL-28065), LP: SP 1987 (Crepuscule/Grabaciones Accidentales-Gasa GA 136), CAS: JP 1987 (Crepuscule Au Japon/Victor JVC VCL-10025), CD: GE 1987 (Crepuscule/Interphon IPCD-2011-36), CD: JP 1987 (Crepuscule Au Japon/Victor JVC VDP-1177), CD: BE 1990 (Crepuscule TWI 759-2), CD: JP 2001 (Victor JVC VICP-61296)

[1] Des Calins, Des Caresses [2] Laying On The Sofa [3] Naughty Naughty **** [4] Sweet Boy [5] La Tete Contre Les Murs ** [6] Le Poisson Des Mers Du Sud *** [7] Little Fish From The Southern Sea * [8] Don't Think About It * [9] Carriage Blind * [10] Quand Le Jazz En Entre Lice [11] Melodie *** [12] L'Ideal *** [13] I Will Jam * [14] Musique De 4 A 6 *** [15] Musique De 8 A 10 * [16] Toutes Les Etoiles De Tunisie [17] Otra Bebera

LMT 2005 reissue (ltmcd 2434)
[1] Le Poisson Des Mers Du Sud [2] Quand Le Jazz Entre En Lice [3] Melodie [4] L'Ideal [5] Musique De 4 a 6 [6] Toutes Les Etoiles De Tunesie [7] Otra Bebera [8] La Tete Contre Les Murs [9] Laying On The Sofa [10] Naughty Naughty [11] Sweet Boy [12] Des Calins, Des Caresses [13] Carriage Blind [14] I Will Jam [15] Little Fish From The Southern Sea [16] Laying On The Sofa (12" Mix) [17] La Tete Contre Les Murs (12" Mix)

vocals - Isabelle Antena; backing vocals - Isabelle Antena, Sharon Elkinson, Camelle Hinds, Marianne James; Keyboards - Isabelle Antena, Tommy Eire, Martin Hayles, Johnny Hot, Phillippe de Kock, Chris Senior, Diederick Wissels; guitars - Sylvain Fasy, Paolo Randoni; bass - Paul Debois, Michel Hatzigeorgiou, Camelle Hinds, Mark Jolly; drums - Isabelle Antena, Robert Cordier, Trevor Morell; percuission - Isabelle Antena, Daniel Cordova, Danny Cummings, Frank Michiels, Jair Morera; saxophone - Johnny Dover, Guido Everaert, Phil Todd; flute - Pierre Coulon; harp - Ingrid Kaufmann; mandolin - Isabelle Antena
Produced by Isabelle Antena, [1] + [4] by Martin Hayles

* Only on INTEPHON CD.
** Only on LP and CREPUSCULE CD.
*** Not on INTERPHON CD.
**** Not on VICTOR JVC CD.

- LP with lyric sheet.

[This album well may be titled as her first album, got out from CHIC influence. 2005 LMT re-issue reversing the track order like starts from vinyl side-B. My favorite song Otra Bebera gets different role as an anchor to upbeat tracks from the closing song. Your preference which one suits you all depends on how much you like the Otra Bebera.]

En Cavale

May 85
LP: BE 1986 (Crepuscule TWI 610), LP: JP 1986 (Crepuscule Au Japon/Victor JVC VIL-28037), LP: SP 1986 (Crepuscule/Grabaciones Accidentales-Gasa GA 073), LP: GE 1986 (Crepuscule/Freelance 5901), LP: US 1986 (Crepuscule/Giant Records GR 16043-1), CAS: BE 1986 (Crepuscule TWIC 610) *, CAS: JP 1986 (Crepuscule Au Japon/Victor JVC VCL-10019) *, CD: BE 1986 (Crepuscule TWICD 610) *, CD: JP 1986 (Crepuscule Au Japon/Victor JVC VDP-1107) *, CD: JP 2001 (Victor JVC VICP-61295) *

[1] Play Back [2] Easy Street [3] Seaside Week End [4] Ten Minutes [5] How Can They Tell [6] Sois Pop [7] Magic Words [8] Booby Trap [9] La Vie Est Troup Courte [10] Naughty Naughty * [11] Don't Think About It *

LMT 2005 reissue (ltmcd 2432)
[1] Play Back [2] Easy Street [3] Seaside Weekend [4] Ten Minutes [5] How Can They Tell [6] Be Pop [7] Magic Words [8] Booby Trap [9] Life Is Too Short [10] Don't Think About It [11] Time To Work (12" Version) [12] Blow The World Away (7" Version) [13] Mummy's Not At Home Tonight (12" Version) [14] Be Pop (Original 12" Version) [15] Life Is Too Short (Original 12" Version) [16]Behind The Door (12" Version)

Isabelle - voice, machines progams, occasional keyboards, backing vocals; Sylvain Fasy - guitar; Thomas Eyre - keyboards; Chris Senior - piano; Camelle Hinds - bass; Phil Tod - flute & saxophone; Trevor Murrell - drums; Frank Ricotti - vibes; Daniel Cumings - percussions; Sharon Elkington, Camelle Hinds, Jacqueline Wilson, Richard Morton - backing vocals
Songs written and arranged by Isabelle Powaga, except [3] & [6] written by Moiroud/Powaga/Fasy, [2] written by Rogers/Edwards
Produced by Martine Hayles

- Some Belgian cassette copies in different 'red' sleeve.

Camino Del Sol

Sep 82
MLP: BE 1982 (Crepuscule TWI 114) [promo only, different artwork], MLP: BE 1982 (Crepuscule TWI 114), MLP: IT 1983 (Base/Crepuscule TWI 114), MLP: JP 1983 (Crepuscule Au Japon/Shinseido Sirius TWI 114/SC-1), MLP: BE 1986 (Crepuscule TWI 114) *, CD: JP 1988 (Crepuscule Au Japon/Victor JVC VDP-5149) **, CD: BE 1988 (Crepuscule/Interphon IPCD-2029-36) **, CD: BE 1989 (Crepuscule TWI 114-2) **, CD: US 2004 (Numero/Pretty Inside N 002) **/***

[1] The Boy From Ipanema */** [2] Camino Del Sol [3] To Climb A Cliff ** [4] Silly Things [5] Sissexa [6] Achilles [7] Bye Bye Papaye [8] Noelle A Hawai ** [9] Les Demoiselles Des Rochefort ** [10] Spiral Staircase ** [11] Unable **

3:15 Seaside Weekend (Original) ***
4:04 Frantz ***
2:34 Ingenuous ***

- CD has different running order. US CD on NUMERO in slipcase with adapted, artwork and 12-pages booklet, remastered, with another different running, order.

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